Strengthening Your Skills

Hands-On Business Training in Japan

If you are seeking a business training program in Japan, or perhaps you have been considering undertaking an MBA, the Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) is an efficient way to improve your business skills while maintaining a full-time job.

Often called a “Mini MBA” in Japan, JMEC begins in the fall with Saturday classroom instruction covering basic business topics, as well as writing a business plan and doing business in Japan. The second phase of the program starts in January when participants are divided into teams of 5-6 and assigned a company which is seeking to enter or expand into the Japanese market. JMEC teams spend the next four months researching and writing a business plan for their client and a panel of JMEC judges.

JMEC is unique because it comprises not only classroom instruction, but it allows participants to write a business plan for an actual company’s endeavors in the Japanese market. It is through this process that participants gain experience they can use to propel their career either at their current company or at any job in the future.

JMEC Participants are English-speaking, Japanese and non-Japanese individuals living and working in Japan who have a genuine interest in improving their business skills, broadening their business network and achieving higher career and personal goals.