Strengthening Individuals

The JMEC Alumni Association

Over 1000 graduates of the Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) located around the world comprise the JMEC Alumni Association. The JMEC Alumni Association is an opportunity for alumni to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, build their networks and have fun.

The JMECAA has an elected executive board, by-laws, and a partner NPO for its community outreach.

The JMECAA board members for 2014-2015, representing 6 nationalities, are:

Co-chair: Christopher Cataldi (JMEC 15)

Co-chair: Mireille Watanabe Handover (JMEC 20)

Professional Development: Megumi Okazaki (JMEC 20)

Social Events: Mallesh Karthik Natarajan (JMEC 20)

External Relationships: Joice Chan (JMEC 20)

External Relationships: Gilles Daquin (JMEC 19)

All of the JMECAA's activities can be categorised under three areas:

1. Strengthening the JMEC network (especially across years and beyond project teams)

2. Professional Development (initially via business skills salons run by and for JMEC Alumni)

3. Community Outreach (leveraging the JMEC network to contribute to worthwhile causes)

Throughout the year, the JMECAA will be hosting various social and development events, so please participate where your schedule and interests allow. For our first year, we have decided to support Bridge for Smile ( an NPO started by JMEC 10 alum Keiko Hayashi after being inspired by her JMEC project ten years ago. Bridge for Smile works with young people in children's homes to give them the skills and support they need to live successful, independent lives. We are exploring multiple ways in which the alumni network can contribute and collaborate to this great organisation.

Want to get involved?

We are looking for volunteers from each JMEC year to become Class Memberships Officers. This will help us to reach out more effectively to the entire alumni community. If you are interested in taking on this role, please email us at or leave a comment on our Facebook page ( We are currently working on our website, and will announce when it is fit for public consumption.