Strengthening Business in Japan Since 1993

How the JMEC Program Works

The Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) is a program which teaches individuals about doing business in Japan and writing a business plan for the Japanese market. At the same time, JMEC is designed to foster the development of foreign businesses which are considering starting a business in Japan, or perhaps already doing business in Japan. While each program year's participants (individuals) and project clients (companies) are different, the structure of the program is the same from year to year.

Each program year, beginning in November, participants take part in a six-Saturday lecture series that covers the basics of doing business as well as the intricacies of doing business in Japan. In January, once the lecture series has been completed, participants are placed onto teams and begin writing a business plan for their project client’s endeavors in the Japanese market. Each team of 5-6 participants is assigned one company to work with for the duration of the program, and spends the next four months writing a business plan under the guidance of a JMEC mentor and consultant. Once business plans are completed by the end of April, they are handed in to both the project client and to a panel of judges. The judges review each plan and listen to an oral presentation delivered by each team. Winners are then determined and announced at the annual Awards Ceremony, which takes place at the beginning of June.

By the end of the program, participants receive not only classroom instruction about doing business in Japan, but also hands-on experience writing a business plan for the Japanese market. At the same time project clients receive a quality business plan that is ready to implement, at a fraction of the cost of hiring outside consultants. So for companies thinking of starting a business in Japan, or even those already doing business in Japan, JMEC is a resource not to be overlooked.

For relevant dates and deadlines for JMEC 21 (2014-2015) please see the current program schedule.